Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services
Digital Transformation Services

The digital transformation service provided by Enjaz Global aims to help institutions and organizations achieve a complete or partial transformation from traditional operations to digital operations. These services aim to enhance efficiency and improve the performance of institutions by adopting digital technology and making full use of it.

Our digital transformation services include a wide range of activities and solutions that include different areas such as:

1. Digital Transformation Consulting: Companies provide consultations and advice to organizations to help identify appropriate digital transformation strategies and design plans and stages necessary for their implementation.

2. Application and software development: Provides digital application and software development services tailored to meet the needs of organizations and facilitate their operations.

3. Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence: Analytics and artificial intelligence are used to analyze big data and extract patterns and valuable information from it to make strategic decisions.

4. Developing e-commerce: Digital transformation services create and develop e-commerce platforms to facilitate online buying and selling.

5. Business Process Improvement: The services aim to improve the organization’s overall operations, such as operational development, continuous improvement, and shifting to enterprise resource management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

6. Digital Marketing: The services assist in developing digital marketing strategies and implementing online marketing campaigns to raise awareness and boost sales.

7. Information security and data protection: The services protect and secure data from cyber threats and provide digital security solutions for organizations.

Organizations can choose the services that best suit their needs and the digital transformation they wish to achieve.

Products we offer:


This product provides many advantages, the most important of which are:-

  • Count the number of visitors and the time, date, and duration of their visit.
  • Detect and recognize the gender and age of customers.
  • Make a map of the most and least frequented areas for customers.
  • Monitors whether the customer is committed to wearing the medical mask or not.
  • Alarm against smoke, fire or liquid leakage for more safety.


MAGO HCM (Human Capital Management System):

This product provides many advantages, the most important of which are:-

  • Helps You Save Time and Effort.
  • Payroll Management Process By One Click
  • track your employees attendance and leaves
  • Recruitment Process More Manageable and Organizable
  • Scale and Manage Team Members With All KPIs Points
  • Know Every Single Detail about your Employee From The Hiring Date To The End of Service
  • An integrated human resource management system that is suitable for large enterprises Paid On Prime.


Services we offer:

A1 Talents Services (Technical Outsourcing & Recruitment):

  • Providing top Talents CVs.
  • Saving your hiring money and efforts.
  • Hiring faster within days.


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