Green Energy for Electrical Installation Co

Green Energy for Electrical Installation Co

In Green Energy, Enjaz Global has provided:

Business management service

Administrative business management focuses on managing the day-to-day operations and resources of an organization. It includes tasks such as planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the various managerial functions within the company.

These functions include personnel administration, office management, record keeping, budgeting, and implementation of policies and procedures.

We facilitated smooth, effective and efficient administrative operations and were responsible for managing administrative staff, supervising facilities and equipment, coordinating meetings and events, and handling communications within and outside the organization.

We have provided some basic administrative business management skills such as organization, communication, problem solving, decision making, leadership, data analysis and project management tools

Financial audit:

We also provided a financial audit service, which aims to examine and evaluate the organization’s financial records, data and systems to ensure accuracy, compliance and transparency.

The primary objective of a financial audit is to provide an independent and objective assessment of the organization’s financial condition and performance.

Our financial auditors have reviewed the financial statements, internal controls, accounting procedures and related documents to identify errors, inconsistencies or non-compliance with regulations and accounting standards, They also evaluated the effectiveness of internal controls and made recommendations for improvement.

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